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The Journey all started with these two beautiful people....

The year was 1942. Two tenant farmers, along with their two children, bought their very own farm.
Later they would have three more children whom all worked the farm as they grew up. Over the
years the farm was used to grow Tobacco, Cotton, Sweet Potatoes and produce. Today a third
generation is working on the same farm as their great grandparents once did.

Although it’s been 78 years, the journey is still just beginning! We still grow many different items on
the farm. However, the farm has also transformed into an agritourism destination for others to enjoy.
Broken Plow Farm was created in 2010 as a new adventure for our family and a way to give back to
our community. It started off with small birthday parties, then we started having larger events such
as Easter egg hunts and the Halloween or Christmas Hay rides. We then started getting involved
with the schools and we hosted numerous field trips each year were we can teach others about the
workings of the farm. It’s not all learning, we have some fun too.

Fast Forward to 2019. After several years of debate and discussions we decided to open up a
Wedding and Event Venue called Daniel’s Ridge at Broken Plow Farm. We took our time trying to
incorporate everything we would want to see in a venue and also keep our family touch on it. The
entire family worked on this adventure from design, painting, hanging ship lap, landscaping and
much more. We are a hands on family and we like to think of our clients as friends and family, we
hope after you have an event with us you feel like you are a part of our family.

Many people ask where the name Daniel's Ridge came from. Daniel’s Ridge venue is named after Daniel Gillis. Daniel was a father, son, brother, uncle and great friend to all of us. We lost him back in 2015 and we miss him every day, but we know he would be honored by the venue being named after him. We strive to honor him through bringing happiness to everyone who visits our venue!

Lucas Studios NC

October 2021

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